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Adding Benefits Without Changing Take-Home Pay

Smartflex delivers a unique strategy for increasing employee benefits without reducing take-home pay and without an employer contribution.

This one-two strategy significantly improves the employer's benefit package – adding $14,400 in additional benefits and saving $1,101 in FICA per employee annually. With average participation by employees at over 77 per cent, Smartflex will dramatically improve your company's net profits year-over-year!

Let Us Handle All Your Benefit Reconciliations & Payments

What's the smart way to handle employee benefits? Let us do it for you!


With Smartbill, the employee deductions for your Smartflex plan are automatically moved to Smartbill with each payroll run, then audited and paid each month by Smartbill.

As co-fiduciary on your plan, Smartbill makes it easy to increase your benefit package without increasing your workload. Smartbill makes smart sense.

What Your CPA Doesn't Tell You Costs Big Money

During the first half of 2020, our team saved our employers $8 million through tax incentives not related to Smartflex. Covid or no Covid, it's just smart business to leverage all available tax incentives.

Smarttax makes it easy – and free – to find out what we could save you in tax incentives. If we don't save you any money using our tax strategies, you don't owe us a penny! Ask about taking our no-obligation, tax-break quiz today.

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Tax Credits & Refunds to Improve Net Profit

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Save $1,101 Annually in FICA per Employee

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Adding Benefits Without Adding More Work –


"Smartflex not only saves the company significant taxes, but provides a rather generous employee benefit package, without reducing take-home pay."

– Etezazi Industries, Inc.

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Smarter Benefits Inc. is your partner in tax-savings strategies.

With time-tested tax programs that greatly improve your bottom-line, Smarter Benefits offers a holistic approach to profitability by leveraging those very expense items that impact your net profits.

Let us show you what we can do to make you more profitable!


We will save you $1,101 per enrolled employee in FICA every year. We will manage your benefit workload to reduce your expenses. And, as your cost mediation company, spend our money to make you more profitable – taking every tax-incentive available to you for hiring, research and development, and capital management. 


Together, we can help you create a stronger financial organization.

Put Smarter Benefits to work for you today.

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