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Smartbill seamlessly integrates with Smartflex to manage your benefit package. Smartbill collects the premiums, audits the insurance carrier bills, and pays the premiums for the employees – a truly "hands-off" benefit administration package for the employer.


As your fiduciary partner, Smartbill shares responsibility for administering the Smartflex plan. As the employer, your role is to keep new hires and plan terminations compliant with ERISA guidelines. Smartbill is responsible for all monetary requirements, including fixing carrier errors, auditing billing against payroll deductions, etc.

The Smartbill fee per month is based on the number of employees enrolled in Smartflex. Using Smartbill reduces the amount of man-hours an employer invests in managing a benefit program and gives the employer a partner as fiduciary under the Smartflex plan.

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Full Benefit Support for Smartflex™
Payroll Auditing & Bill Payment using Smartbill
Payroll Auditing

Monthly Review

With Smartbill, we review your enrolled employee payroll report every month, checking it against the Smartflex enrollment roster. Any discrepancies are fixed, keeping your payroll deductions flowing smoothly. We also terminate non-working employees and help remind you when new employees need to be added to the plan.

Carrier Billing

Payment Auditing

Smartflex is popular with your employees – and participation levels can easily be 75 per cent or higher, adding-up to a hefty insurance carrier bill each month. Employers using Smartbill turn over billing audits to us, making the process of managing Smartflex almost "hands off" for your accounting and payroll services.

Antique Safe


Smartbill uses Capital One Escrow Express to protect employee money moving from the paycheck to the escrow account. Using a series of lock-down security measures, the escrow account keeps the employee money safely stored until it is used for bill payment. Employers have access to review their account at any time.

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