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Increase Benefits and Improve Net Profit with Smartflex™
A Win-Win for Employer and Employees!

Now more than ever, organizations are evolving how they do business — finding fresh ways to improve their bottom-line.


Leveraging their employees, and their need for benefits, is a smart step toward improving net profit. Smartflex™ provides an employee-funded plan that typically quadruples the employee's benefits – without reducing the employee's take-home pay.

The plan uses a medical premium reimbursement, funded by Smartflex, to provide all the plan benefits without a direct cost to the employee.


The company reduces expenses via the tax savings created by the plan – through lower FICA and less unemployment and disability costs. For retention purposes, the employer can add the reimbursement as part of the employee's benefit package, boosting employer contribution up to $14,400 per enrolled employee annually.


It's a win-win for both the employer and employee!

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Employer Example

- 50 Employees -

Employer Annual FICA Savings: $55,050
Annual Employee Flex Allowance: $150,000

Value Added to Employer Plan: $570,000

​Impact to Employee Take-Home Pay: $0

For illustration purposes only.

Doctor Examining CT Scan

Injuries to Illness

Accidents and critical illnesses can be financially devastating for your employees, creating lingering effects that can impact their job performance and life satisfaction. Financial worries can even hinder their recovery.

Life Insurance

Living Benefits

Smartflex offers life insurance plans that far exceed the typical employer term benefit. Using Universal or Whole Life policies with a guaranteed issue base, employees have access to family protection with living benefits.


Medical Care

From 24/7 access to a physician or mental health counselor – without a copay – to discounts on pharmacy, dental, vision and more, Smartflex offers medical benefits to supplement an existing group health plan.

How Smartflex Works

Step by Step

Lets walk through the process of how the Smartflex program works and all the amazing benefits for both an employer and their employees.

How Smartflex Looks

On Your Paystub

What will Smartflex look like on your paystub? This example of a paystub before Smartflex and after will give you an idea of what your employees will see on their paystub.

Smartflex will be handled through a one-time setup preformed with your payroll department.


My wife was diagnosed with cancer not long after we joined Smartflex.  We just received our check for $20,000 for our cancer claim. It will really help with our medical bills .

Houston, Texas

Vision benefits

We have a vision plan at work, but I only get one pair of glasses a year. I use my Smartflex card for my contacts and sunglasses – and saved $600.

Topeka, Kansas


I fell riding my bike and tore my rotator cuff. I was so glad I had joined Smartflex because I got a check from Allstate for $3600!

Port Redding, New Jersey


I use Tele all the time through the Smartflex app. It sure beats going to the doctor's office. Works really well at saving me time – and it's free!

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Employee Website:

Employees have a separate website for pre and post enrollment information. This site is used for all pre-marketing to the employees.


Once the employee is enrolled, they will also have access to a company benefit page on this website. The company benefit page includes brochures and claim forms for all the insurance and benefit products offered through Smartflex. A valid employee email address is required to access the benefit page.

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